World Smartphone Adoption Rate: China Surpasses Japan

Monday 16th, April 2018 / 15:12 Written by

The Pew Research Center recently announced a global smartphone penetration survey. The report shows that the highest penetration rate of Korean smart phones is as high as 88%. In contrast, Japan is only 39% and is one of the lowest countries in the developed world.

Among other developed countries, the United States has a penetration rate of 72%, which is 16% higher than that of South Korea. In addition, the penetration rate in other developed countries is 68% in the United Kingdom, 67% in Canada, 60% in Italy, and 60% in Germany. Australia reaches 77%.

In developing countries, China’s smartphone penetration rate has reached 58%, which is higher than India’s 17%, and even 13% higher than Russia’s.

In this survey, there are two more interesting countries than the developed countries of Japan and South Korea. The reason why the popularity of smart phones in South Korea is so high is mainly due to two reasons: First, South Korea has two well-known smart phone brands – Samsung and LG, and has spared no effort to promote their own country; Second, South Koreans The pursuit of domestic products. Far more than foreign goods, so the popularity of smart phones in South Korea is so high. The low penetration rate of smartphones in Japan is mainly due to the continuous development of the features of traditional mobile phones to a very high level, so consumers still have a certain support rate.



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